After Bagging Tier 1 in IOST Q1 and Q2, Metanyx is Aiming for the Same in Q3 2019


Before we jump into what preparations Metanyx has been doing to bag Tier 1 in Q3 IOST 2019, let us briskly walk through the Quarter system, voting, and the ranking structure. It is a quarterly submission where IOST Foundation and ICAC go through submissions from partners to vote for partners with Tier ranking.

Contribution rewards are checked for it. These rewards are given out from the IOST Foundation funds. They are divided into equal halves between the partners and the voters. (Please note that the voters’ percentage is based on the everyday percentage of votes per individual in every quarter.) These rewards are given to the people or teams based on their active promotion or contribution towards the growth of IOST.

Now we can talk about Metanyx’s achievement of Tier 1 in Q1 and Q2 of this year.

Metanyx have achieved Tier 1 in both Q1 and Q2 of 2019 and continues to work to achieving Tier 1 in the future. In the Q3 too, the platform is all set to aim for Tier 1 once again. In a recent announcement, Metanyx elaborated on its plans for the Q3 contributions:

  • Promotion of IOST’s IGA across western markets:

Metanyx plans on to represent IOST’s Global Alliance IGA to the European and American markets by active participation in international events, an enhanced news site visibility, pushing the envelope on the social media by promoting IOST.

  • Metanyx plans to buyback METX:

METX is the official crypto token ever launched on the IOST blockchain. It’s a recent development from March 2019.  It started off with 10 million METX airdrop to 1k users. Last month it had a circulation of 75 million. In August Metanyx bought back 10 million and by far it has purchased 35 million from the IOST community. The plan is to buyback more METX.

  • Supporting partners:

Metanyx, being a founding member of the IOST Global Alliance, has been quite an active partner of the community. It plans to keep up the active levels and to support the other partners as well. Looking at the supporting environment between the partners, two months ago Metanyx partnered with Blockarcade, and on the other hand, METX is also supported by Stackwave.

  • Supporting to become a Servi node:

Metanyx plans to support the IOST focused “news aggregation site.” Here one can get all the weekly updates on the latest activity of the platform. Metanyx is planning to support the news site to become a “Servi node.”

Other actions as per Metanyx’s plans for the contribution towards IOST in Q3 2019 include actively pushing the presence of the IOST platform through social media such as promoting it on Telegram, Twitter, Slack, Medium, and so on.  Further, the platform has dedicated all the contribution rewards obtained from the Q2 stage towards the development of the IOST ecosystem. The future focus is on e-commerce in Q4.

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