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Will Maker (MKR) Outsmart the Bears?


Maker price movement since October 31, 2019, indicates that it is moving downwards as of now. It was priced at $533.57 on the said date post, which, there was a drastic fall with price reaching $507.89. The MKR coin managed to bounce back from the fall and reached $553.39, with almost 9% hike on the same day. While writing this piece, Maker was trading above the baseline as of now.

Maker Price Analysis:

Today, Maker is reflecting a downtrend by 3.13% as compared to today’s trading price of $552.63. If the current trend persists, then, MKR price may find the next resistance around $557.54. As per the present movement of Maker, you can hold the existing coins. $557.54 and $572.45 can be the next resistance levels. The trend for the coin has been haphazard for the past five days, with several steep rises and falls. Hence, if MKR trade below the baseline, it may find next support around $520. It is recommended to trade from a long-term perspective.

MKR to USD Price Chart

Resistance & Support Levels

R1: $557.54, R2: $572.45 and R3: $590.61

S1: $524.47, S2: $506.31 and S3: $491.4

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