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US Duo Charged for Stealing Crypto by Hacking Social Media Accounts


Two men from Massachusetts were arrested and charged for allegedly stealing digital currency by hacking the victims’ social media accounts last Thursday. The two accused, 21-year old Eric Meiggs and 20-year old Declan Harrington, were charged with an eleven-page indictment in the Boston federal court.

Each of them is accused of wire fraud – eight counts, conspiracy – one count, computer fraud and abuse – one count, as well as aggravated identity theft – one count.

Alleged Theft of $550K in Digital Currency

As per the reports, Meiggs and Harrington targeted a minimum of 10 individuals from across the country who worked with crypto entities at executive-level positions and had high-value accounts on social media. The accused used a sim-swapping technique to gain access to victims’ sensitive information, including financial details, to carry out the crypto theft.

Meiggs and Harrington are alleged for having stolen or attempting to steal more than 550 thousand dollars in digital currency from the victims, highlighted the reports. They were also successful in gaining access to the “Original Gangster” (OG) accounts of two victims with social media firms.

According to the indictment, Meiggs issued threats to the victim’s family to obtain the victim’s Instagram account, following which the victim complied with Meiggs’s demands. The other victim chose to give up the Insta-handle to regain access to his phone number. Reports also say that the accused failed in their attempt to steal from a few victims.

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