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Swiss Bitcoin Suisse Acquires $3 Million Stake in CoinRoutes Trading Software Provider


Recently, Switzerland-based cryptocurrency brokerage firm Bitcoin Suisse buy a $3 million share in CoinRoutes, a trading software provider.

As the Bitcoin Suisse invested $3 million in trade automation and intelligence provider, the chairman of the Bitcoin Suisse will collaborate with CoinRoutes and appear as a board member for both the US as well as Swiss entities. For one year, the brokerage firm has been utilizing the software of CoinRoutes, but, finally, they completely integrate with the trading platform.

Due to versatility in the crypto market, the trading companies need good trading software to increase the opportunities. According to the CoinRoutes, their smart routing technology will help Bitcoin Suisse to deal with trades efficiently. They can trade with the best prices with all the crypto-asset exchanges. It will help Bitcoin Suisse to maintain the relationship with the exchanges by providing them excellent brokerage services.

The investment news was declared on October 22, 2019. The chairman of Bitcoin Suisse, Niklas Nikolajsen, is now a member of CoinRoutes. He said that they are getting a proper infrastructure for their operations from the integrated company. They are delighted with the technology they are providing from the past year. He is happy to become its partner and having significant shares in the company.

The CEO of CoinRoutes, David Weisberger, said that Bitcoin Suisse is an appropriate partner as well as shareholders of their company. The firm is delighted to have Bitcoin Suisse as their partner, and they will together help crypto investors across the globe.

Bitcoin Suisse is one of the leading crypto firms in Switzerland that has supported cryptocurrencies. In July, the company wants to stretch its services and products by providing financial services to its consumers. Therefore, the firm applied for a banking license. This action will lead the company as a financial service provider and also help many crypto firms that are facing difficulties in banking services.


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