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Russian Federation introduces E-Voting based on blockchain


Russian Federation is under the party of United Russian in politics. It has started an authorization for E-Voting to the blockchain platform on the 6th of March.

It has introduced a website which is totally updated for its main primaries of E-Voting. It is launched with the added function. Vyacheslav Sateyev, the head of the IT projects department of the ruling party explained that the vote counting process will be accomplished. It is done by the blockchain platform.

He also said that the candidates can be able to fill in their personal pages. It also includes videos, photos, news, on the website. The personal accounts are combined with all the social media platforms. So the ruling party has already made a flexible version of the page’s website which is very comfortable to access for the mobile phones too.

The residents who had updated their verification procedure on the web pages can join and vote. The verification process provides electronic state services. The E-voting system is developed to remove negotiators and to increase the election transparency in the electoral processing time.

Increasingly digital tech in the current has aided numerous individuals lives. Unlike the electoral system, there are many conventional uses of paper in its implementation. The aspect of security and transparency is a threat from a still widespread election with the conventional system (offline). General elections still use a centralized system, there is one organization that manages it. Some of the problems that can occur in traditional electoral systems are with an organization that has full control over the database and system, it is possible to tamper with the database of considerable opportunities

The primaries are fair in voting which upheld by the Russian Federation. It is for submitting the party candidates at each level for the elections. The decisions taken in the primaries are not binding with the elections. Many candidates didn’t participate in the primaries in the election times for the State Duma.

The city council of Russia proposed a bill which is to use the technology which is based on blockchain for an electronic voting system. The Moscow City of Duma, a local parliament part, in the entire Russian capital. It mainly plans to protect the process and the results of the electronic voting system.

The place named Saratov Oblast which is in the Southern part of Russia. It performed a success in the election which is a blockchain based platform with the participants of forty thousand. They voted a member of the local Youth parliament to elect. They used the technology based on blockchain and it is developed by Kaspersky Labs.

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