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R3 And Digital Asset (DA) Agree To Integrate With Each Other For Maximizing Their Blockchains


In a unique shift in a strategic position, R3 and Digital Asset (DA) have come together with the goal of maximizing and optimizing the blockchain networks they are based on. The announcement came on Tuesday, which also confirmed that DA would incorporate the Digital Asset Modelling Language (DAML) to R3’s Corda, and even to Hyperledger Fabric after DA’s tie-up Hyperledger Sawtooth in May.

CEO from Blythe Masters, the Wall Street Stalwart who left the company suddenly in December 2018. While speaking to the media, Rooz said,

Since I’ve taken over, we have had integration announcements with Sawtooth and VMWare, and what you are seeing now is a continuation of that strategy. Ledger providers see an opportunity to bring more business to their ledger because DAML allows developers to build applications much faster.

Apart from the collaboration with R3, DA will also enter a partnership with Amazon Aura, the e-commerce giant’s non-blockchain traditional cloud database service provider. This partnership comes on the backdrop of strong demand by DA’s customers. Rooz further added that DAML would enter into partnerships with many more traditional database service providers. This could happen because of its data-intensive business model. He also said,

We could actually capture a big piece of distributed applications today.

R3 co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Todd McDonald stated that Yuval Rooz was present at the first round table of R3. He added,

There were only about 20 people in the room. So we have been chatting for a long, long time. And one of the first companies we worked with was Dan’s old company, Hyperledger, before they were acquired. So there’s definitely a lot of overlap and back story.

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