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Pennsylvanian Based Wharton School of University Launches Online Program on Digital Currencies and Others


Wharton School of University has entered its name in the list of various educational institutions that offer online programs on emerging technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Pennsylvanian based University is now offering an online program relating to financial-based technologies and also on cryptocurrencies. The news was reported at a press release on May 30th, 2019.

Introducing online program on blockchain and digital currency will benefit people who want to learn more about these technologies at the comfort of their place. The growing need of blockchain and cryptocurrencies could be one reason to introduce such programs by various educational institutions.

The Wharton School of the University’s new program is codenamed as ‘Fintech: Foundations and Applications of Financial Technologies.’  The program will be similar to your offline course with additional features; lectures and case studies on emerging technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, payments, crowdfunding will be conducted. There will be lectures conducted on other technologies apart from these topics.

The Wharton School of the University is not stopping by offering university classes; it has advanced its step by including other features in the online program. They are inviting speakers from within the top crypto industry firms. Speakers from popular financial companies such as Square- a payment processor company, CommonBond- a marketplace lender and award-winning firm and Vanguard the largest investment advisory firm will be speaking over the topics.

The reports also mention that Wharton University has recently developed a Stevens Center for innovation with regards to Finance that conducts experiments on financial technologies.

By taking this step, Wharton has marked its presence in educational institutions. Various educational institutions have already updated their syllabus by adding fintech technologies and blockchain subjects.

Wharton online, senior director Anne Trumbore, spoke over their new online program by stating, the new online program will be a part of the university’s diverse technique towards growing fintech education.

Wharton is not the only university to come up with this new plan. Within this year, there are various universities that have opened centers relating to fintech technologies. The National University of Colombia in April 2019 was the one to associate itself with the global blockchain consortium for science, named Bloxberg. The University will be working with other participating institutions and the objective is to create an infrastructure that

“Broadens the scientific landscape of regionally and nationally governed blockchain networks to become the first truly globally maintained decentralized network by scientists for science.”

Earlier to this, in the previous month, another educational institution, the Bahcesehir University of Turkish had already implemented the online program initiative. The Turkish university inaugurated a center for blockchain technology at the Northeastern University of Boston. The goal of the university to open the blockchain center is to offer based informational support on blockchain technologies.

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