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Panda Exchange Deploys Hybrid Point of Sale and Crypto ATM in Bogota


The Colombian-based Panda Group has announced the launch of a cryptocurrency point of sale (PoS) terminal called Xeler that also acts as a portable digital currency automated teller machine (ATM). The hybrid solution installed in Bogotá, at the La Tortata sweet shop, allows customers to not only buy baked goods with cryptocurrencies but can also dispense BCH, BTC, and DAI in exchange for Colombian pesos.

“The Xeler BTM is a device that has the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, in addition to processing payments for products purchased with crypto,” Panda Group explained to “This makes the point of sale process quick and intuitive for both the user and operator, but above all, the system is secure since the interface is built and designed for the safe and reliable handling of cryptocurrencies.”

The company additionally aforesaid it’ll be adding additional digital currencies to the platform interface within the future. Moreover, with Xeler’s Xpay payment processor system, businesses will settle a share of sales in enactment if they are doing not want to expertise the volatility of crypto costs. UN agency need to shop for or sell cryptocurrencies should endure a straightforward registration method, that is performed directly on the device. When the registration is complete, Xeler users won’t need to register once more and that they will move with all Xeler devices within the region. Once an acquisition is processed, the cryptocurrencies square measure sent to the customer’s notecase or if they don’t have a notecase, they’ll acquire a written voucher for redemption at a later date.

Panda Exchange is in constant development due to the contributions of many crypto enthusiasts in America and also the world. This enables the United States to include additional and additional crypto assets and tokens to boost our users’ portfolios. Providing its services to additional and additional markets is additionally a priority for the United States, therefore everybody will have access to the long run of the economy.

Unlike several alternative mercantilism platforms, in Panda Exchange, we tend to firmly believe the greatness and importance of Bitcoin benefit today’s and tomorrow’s crypto world. That’s why we provide direct pairs with this crypto plus, and its forerunner, Bitcoin. Ethereum is another crypto plus in our platform, that permits our users to trade with all ERC-20 tokens that square measure listed in Panda Exchange.

In the exchange platform, users actually our most beneficial plus. Therefore, we attempt to enhance our support service day when day so as to supply a timely, respectful and cordial response for each doubt and concern you may have, many hours each day and seven days every week. Bitcoin (or BTC for short) has been on the increase since 2009, originating a couple of alternative cryptocurrencies. It’s essentially a web currency that’s not sure by countries or the other party, it’s really controlled by the individuals. Some countries, like North American country, square measure victimization this cryptocurrency to do and elevate their own economy and facilitate their country boom.

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