Lisk News

Founded in 2016, Lisk (LSK) stands as a leading decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency network that has been designed to promote the development, distribution, and management of decentralized applications in a simplified manner. As per the Lisk news, the project began as a fork of the Crypti blockchain and went live in May 2016. The platform was the brainchild of CEO Max Kordek, along with the aid of ex-Ethereum developers Charles Hoskinson and Steven Nerayoff. The news of Lisk coin signifies that the currency uses the revolutionary mechanism of sidechain technology for developing a personal blockchain for every individual user. Latest Lisk news states that a major catalyst in promoting the popularity of the Lisk network has been its free of cost, open-source development tool solution branded as the Lisk Development Kit. Lisk latest news highlights the coin’s proliferation in leading crypto exchanges like Upbit, Binance, etc. These side chains help in running applications and are capable of crypto coin generation and ICO launching. The side chains keep the main blockchain error-free in case of a discrepancy. The current Lisk news available on the official platform reveals that the total supply for the coin is fixed at a volume of 139,116,408 LSK. The Lisk price news recorded the highest Lisk price of USD 39.31 on January 7, 2018, and the lowest price value of USD 0.095652 on March 2, 2017. By the Lisk latest news today, the virtual currency will enjoy a good and steady growth if the Bitcoin currency embarks a bullish market run in the coming years.

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