Working as the brainchild of a Switzerland-based non-profit organization Icon Foundation, Icon is a revolutionary blockchain and cryptocurrency project. As per the Icon news, the primary motive of the decentralized network is to leverage the usage capacities of blockchain technology by providing an interface for the interaction of interconnected systems of multiple blockchains. The ICON (ICX) coin adopts the Loop Fault Tolerance consensus algorithm. The ICON blockchain is supported by Loopchain, a blockchain engine made by ICONLOOP. The news on Icon blockchain reveals that the Loopchain engine allows the execution and processing of hundreds of transactions per second on the network at ease. The current Icon news addresses the network to be infused with highly efficient voting and value exchange mechanisms for its global customer base hailing from different parts of the world. The Icon latest news signifies the total supply of ICX as 800,460,000 ICX in the marketspace. It is available for trading on all the leading crypto exchanges. The Icon coin network boasts of new types of nodes like ICON Republic and Citizen Nodes. The platform has its own wallet named ICONex, which supports ICX as well as other cryptocurrencies. The Icon latest news today suggests that the path-breaking and unique technological expertise of the Icon blockchain and ICX coin has placed the coin in the top-50 slot of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization in a short span of operation. As per the Icon price news, the highest Icon price was achieved at a value of USD 12.64 on January 9, 2018, and the lowest value of USD 0.106937 on January 3, 2020. The icon latest news today predicts that the coin might enjoy an increased capitalization rate and surged ICX value by 2020-end.

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