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NEO Loses 5.78% Overnight, Falls Below $7

  • NEO faces a 5.78% cut over the last 24 hours and falls below 7 USD.
  • NEO’s next resistance may come by 7.39 USD.

NEO has faced a huge price correction after the last few days of strength shown in the market. The value has been down by 5.78% in the last 24 hours. From 7.3, the value against USD has now gone below 7 USD.

NEO Price Analysis

NEO’s first swing started at 00:20 UTC, and over the next 5 hours and 5 minutes, it was down to 7.29 USD, thanks to a 2.18% freefall. The next variation started at 05:49 UTC, and by 12:38 UTC, it faced a 7.63% cut that cost the value of 0.56 USD. However, from there NEO saw some signs of strength, and over the next 11 hours and 10 minutes, NEO got up by 2.59% to touch 7.010786 USD.

NEO’s market cap also has been impacted. Between October 16 and 17, the market cap has moved from 496.96 million USD to 491.42 million USD.

NEO Price

NEO’s 50-day average is now a whopping 8.28 USD, whereas 20-day average is at 7.38 USD. The current trading price is at 6.91 USD that is 16.5% and 6.36% lower than the 50-day average and 20-day average respectively. NEO’s next resistance is likely to fall by 7.39 USD.

NEO (NEO)Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance$7.39
2nd Resistance$7.73
3rd Resistance$7.98
1st Support Level$6.8
2nd Support Level$6.55
3rd Support Level$6.21

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