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NEO Likely to Get Back to an Upward Trend


NEO current trading price comparison with that of October 9, 2019, indicates that now it is reflecting a downtrend. NEO was trading at $7.57 on the said date, and despite a few falls it managed to rise upwards and was traded at the highest price of $7.82. Despite the fall, the coin managed to show a growth of 3.27%. Since the next day, the price of the coin started to decline until October 11, 2019. The coin was being traded at the price of $7.64 on October 11, 2019, and on the same day, there was a fall when the coin started trading at $7.23.

NEO to USD Price Analysis:

NEO Price

NEO is indicating a downtrend by 3.86% when compared to the trading price of October 11, 2019. However, we anticipate that the coin may gain back its momentum by tomorrow and shall slowly manage to rise upwards and reach near $8.25. It may be traded within the range of $8.69 and $9.09 in the upcoming weeks.

Today, NEO is expected to be traded in the range of $7.29 and $7.38. Observing the present movement, we recommend selling the current investment in NEO. It is recommended to trade in the coin from a long-term vision as it can achieve massive growth.

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