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NEO Faces a Roadblock; Value Goes Down to $7.35

  • NEO loses 2.77% over the last 24 hours to fall to 7.35 USD.
  • The next resistance for NEO is expected at 7.7 USD.

Neo has lost 2.77% over the last 24 hours. Though the value has been maintained above 7 USD, the range of the price movements of NEO has been between 7.56 USD and 7.26 USD.

NEO Price Analysis:

NEO started its journey at 00:01 UTC and over the next 10 hours, it lost 0.14 USD and got placed at 7.420773 USD. The next variation started at 10:53 UTC and by 18:10 UTC, it was down to 7.269232 USD after a 3.49% cut. It was followed by a hike of 2.59% and it happened between 18:10 UTC and 00:20 UTC today. This hike added 0.188 USD to the value and pushed it to 7.457646 USD.

Over the last seven days, NEO has witnessed a volatile market. Initially, NEO was being traded neat 7.7 USD and the lowest point for Neo over this week stood at 7.29 USD. The current market cap stands at 522.94 million USD.

NEO Price

The current price trend is around 7.35 USD, whereas the 20-day moving average is now at 7.42 USD. The current trend seems to be 0.94% lower than its 20 days average and on the other hand, it is 11.76% lower than its 50-day moving average that is at 8.33 USD. The next resistance for NEO may come at 7.7 USD.

Resistance and Support Levels:

R1- $7.55, R2- $7.713, R3- $7.83

S1- $7.27, S2- $7.15, S3- $6.99

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