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NEO Advances One More Step towards Bullish Run; Grew 1.82% in a Day

  • NEO grew by 1.82% in the last 24 hours.
  • The next resistance for NEO is awaiting at 7.43 USD.

NEO has continued its effort to grow, and on the first day of the week, it grew by 1.82%. NEO has been through three price changing phases, and these swings have given the trend a price range of 7.37 USD and 7.04 USD.

NEO Price Analysis

Yesterday, NEO started the day trading at 7.11 USD, and over the next 2 hours and 54 minutes, it went as low as 7.04 USD after a 1% decline in the value. It was followed by a whopping 4.68% hike between 02:55 UTC and 20:18 UTC. Over these 17 hours and 23 minutes, it added 0.32 USD and reached the highest point of the day at 7.37 USD. The last swing of NEO happened between 20:18 UTC and 02:25 UTC, and this swing cost NEO 0.163 USD and pushed the value to 7.21 USD.

The current market cap of NEO is 513.84 million USD, which is comparatively lower from the market cap of October 20, which was 516.54 million USD. It should be noted that NEO has witnessed a high rise in the market cap between October 19 and 20.

NEO Price

NEO’s 20-day average is at 7.36 USD, whereas its 50-day average is 8.16 USD. The current trading price is 7.24 USD, which is 11.27% and 1.63% less than the 50-day average and 20-day average, respectively. NEO’s next halt is likely to come at 7.43 USD.

NEO (NEO)Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance$7.43
2nd Resistance$7.54
3rd Resistance$7.71
1st Support Level$7.15
2nd Support Level$6.98
3rd Support Level$6.87

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