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Looks Like NEO Would Revive from Yesterday’s Crash


NEO price was seen trading downwards in the last two days. Along with NEO, the entire crypto market was also in a similar situation. Well, the downfall has started the price recovery. We are anticipating that in very less time, the coin would be seen dealing at a profitable digit. If we look at yesterday’s price movement, NEO touched a high at $7.60 and a low at $7.04.

NEO Price Analysis:

Yesterday, NEO started with an upsurge. The price moved from $7.24 to $7.63 by 5.46%. The currency further slipped to $7.34 by 3.85%. The downtrend kept intact and shifted the price to $7.20 from $7.56 by 4.71%. NEO coin took another drop and brought the price to $7.02 from $7.34 by 4.29%. The final hours brought the surge in NEO price, which moved from $7.16 to $7.60 by 6.12%. The intraday progression was recorded as 3.59% because the price closed at $7.49. Today, NEO opened with a fall. The price counter shifted from $7.49 to $7.30 by 2.62%. Recently, there is an upsurge of 2.83% observed in the NEO price, which is trading at $7.51.

NEO price chart

The current quarter for the NEO coin is expected to end on a happy note. The traders can wait for some time and then enter NEO with a high prospect of profit. The coin has always resulted well for the traders. Today, the market cap is noted as $529,228,468. The 24-hour volume is at $307,221,118. The ROI is at 4034.08%. The circulating supply is marked as 70,538,831 NEO.

The ongoing year is anticipated to close around NEO’s 30-Day high value of $10. The currency is well-suited for long-term traders as the short-term might not bring the expected profit.

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