IOTA Trends Appear Bearish in the Short Term; Foundation is Invited in the Wall Street Conference


Clint Walker, an attorney and renowned banker, has joined the IOTA Foundation as a member of the Supervisory Board. He will be responsible for the general oversight and guidance of the IOTA Foundation. Additionally, the head of financial relations for IOTA, Dan Simerman, will be speaking tomorrow in the panel of ‘Blockchain & Crypto Advances in Financial Services’ at the Wall Street conference.

 IOTA Price Comparison:

On August 16, IOTA was trading around 0.2439 USD. However, in a period of 25-days, the coin fell by a marginal amount of 3.86%. Similarly, in the past week, the coin went down by 3.03% from the marked price of 0.24133 USD on September 06. In intraday trading, the coin has shown a flat action. It opened at around 0.238912 USD and with a slight breakdown of 0.10%, wrapped the day at 0.238681 USD.

After the bull run in the last week, the coin is grounding slowly like most of the coins in the crypto space. The immediate resistance in the coin is at 0.2407. Additionally, the support for the coin is at 0.2321 USD.

 IOTA Price Chart:

IOTA Price Chart

 The retail adoption of IOTA has increased immensely over the period. It is trying to form an ecosystem backed by the security and accessibility of blockchain and efficiency of IoT technology. The coin is currently facing a bearish market, but the future of the crypto is a bright one. Additionally, the team is working on strengthening the basics of the crypto.

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