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Intraday Trading in Electroneum (ETN) Seems to Bring Poor Result

  • Electroneum price might touch the weekly low during the intraday trading.
  • The market pressure seems to influence the coin at large.

The weekly movement in the ETN price has been quite disappointing. The first 5-days of the month are about to come to an end, and Electroneum is reflecting moderate movement. The Market Cap is deteriorating at a steady rate as it was noted as 36,725,108 USD and today, it is at 35,887,314 USD.

Electroneum Price Analysis:

The 5-day chart of ETN coin is reflecting a slight fall in the price. On November 01, the coin started at 0.00000040 BTC. The price jumped to 0.00000041 BTC by 2.16%. Electroneum couldn’t hold itself at the level and dropped to 0.00000039 BTC. The ups and downs continued for the rest of the day. Electroneum closed the day at 0.00000040 BTC and kept it moderate. The next day also remained the same.

On November 03, the Electroneum price escalated to 0.00000041 BTC from 0.00000039 BTC by 5.09%. However, the price fell again. The intraday price movement reflected a regression of 2.49%. The coin closed at 0.00000039 BTC. Yesterday, ETN kept the uptrend intact and even touched 0.00000041 BTC. The price marked during the closing was 0.00000040 BTC. The intraday profit was 2.59%. Today, Electroneum is again dropping. The price slipped from 0.00000040 BTC to 0.00000039 BTC by 2.50%.

ETN to USD Price Chart

The moderate price movement and dropping Market Cap is not at all a good indication. The coming days might be threatening. For intraday traders, the indications aren’t positive. The current price of Electroneum is at 0.00000039 BTC, and as per the current trend, it seems that the price would register a loss today.

Resistance Level Price
Support Level Price

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