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Hang on to Your Dash (DASH) as the Value Might Escalate in the Long-haul Movement


Today, the price of Dash is recently seen trading at $72.2174 at 04:17 UTC. Considering the statistics from the last five days, the price was initially seen trading at the highest peak of $73.3111 on September 26 at 09:40 UTC. The value from then dropped by 9.65% to the lowest peak on the same day at 16:20 UTC when the DASH price was trading at $66.2353.

On September 28, the value escalated by 9.09% at 22:40 UTC trading at $72.256. Dash price dropped again by 7.63% on September 30 at 06:55 UTC with the trading price of $66.7456 which was the lowest again. The value from then is increased by 7.88% as of now.

DASH Price Chart

As of now, the value is trading above the baseline. In the upcoming days, it seems that the Dash price might approach downwards. So, if you wish to trade for short-term, you should consider support and resistance levels for considerable returns. So, hang in there and watch the trend closely. The long-term forecast might indicate to the upward motion soon enough.

Since the price might drop further below the baseline, the resistance and support level might help in avoiding the drops in the trade. It is calculated as below:

R1: $72.85, R2: $74.61 and R3: $77.26

S1: $68.44, S2: $65.79 and S3: $64.03

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