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ETN/BTC Trades With Selling Pressure; Intraday Trading Seems to Fetch Gains


ETN has been acquiring popularity in different regions and domains, by approaching even the small entrepreneurs and shop keepers. They motivate them to enroll with ETN network and the count increases on its own. A brilliant approach, we believe.

Electroneum Price Chart

Considering the 5-day movement of ETN/BTC we see, the price was initially seen at the highest touch point of the said time period at 0.00000049 BTC as on September 19, 2019 at 16:20 UTC. However, ETN dropped by 16.23% as on September 21, 2019 at 20:35 UTC which led the coin to trade at 0.00000041 against BTC.

Yesterday, the price of ETN/BTC escalated by 14.51% at 11:140 UTC, when the trading value was realized at 0.00000047 against BTC. Later, the value from then was slightly dropped by 8.42% at 17:55 UTC, trading at 0.00000043 BTC which is now around 0.00000047 BTC.

It is an ideal time to sell the ETN investments for the existing traders of the network.

Speaking of the movement, the following prognosis might help the potential investors with the wiser trade decisions.

Short-Term Prognosis:

ETN Price Chart

IF a investor hits the lowest and highest points as highlighted in the short-term prognosis, intraday trading may turn out to be the fruitful one.

Long-Term Prognosis:

Electroneum Price Prediction

However, a long-term investment in Electroneum is not advised as the trend is quite a deteriorating one which will fetch no good to its investors.

The calculated resistance and support levels are as follows:

Resistance Levels (in USD):

R1: $0.004373, R2: $0.00487, R3: $0.005189

Support Levels (in USD):

S1: $0.003557, S2: $0.003238, S3: $0.002741

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