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Erol User at Innowave Summit 2019 Appeals for Space Waste Management Project


As a keynote speaker in the recently held Innowave Summit at Varna in Bulgaria, BlockchainArmy’s Chairman and co-founder, Erol User delivered a message of S.O.S, i.e., Save Our Space.

S.O.S is an initiative for space waste management by the BlockchainArmy. Erol User appealed to all the institutions, governments, and private sectors across the globe to join the collective project of space waste management.

During his much-applauded speech, he shared his vision about how blockchain technology can be instrumental in space waste management. He had also disclosed this idea recently at a prestigious conference Cryptofin Estonia in northern Europe regarding Blockchain application in space waste management.

Erol User has been quite vocal about the space waste management project in recent times. He briefed about how blockchain can automate the space waste management process and can integrate with Artificial intelligence for data storage, analysis, and deep learning. He further appealed to join the very cause for safe future space programs applying blockchain.

He quoted, “To enable innovative services for citizens and future developments in space, we must cooperate now to guarantee economically vital spacecraft. We must sustain the dreams of future exploration, combining also the constant development of technology and our awareness of the environment.”

Innowave Summit

It is one of the most talked-about events organized by Bulgaria at Varna on 18 and 19 October 2019. Around 300 plus startups participated in the high tech conference.

The Innowave Summit is an initiative by the European Commission with the support of Startup Europe. The event was focused on the atomization of the public and private sectors with innovative approaches, including blockchain, marketing, e-commerce, sales, and all other sectors.

Blockchain Army

Blockchain consulting company BlockchainArmy is a Turkish firm that ventures into blockchain consulting and development services for customized blockchain applications. Operational across 20 plus countries, it provides substantial blockchain solutions for almost every possible sector round the globe. Under the able leadership of Erol User, the company has proven its excellence in Blockchain technology in the field of Energy, IT, healthcare, and government services, to name the few. With this latest venture, in space management, it plans to go universal.

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