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DASH Remains Inclined Towards the Lower Price Range


DASH recently partnered with Cointrade CTX with InstaSend and Brazilian real (BRL) fiat trading pair. DASH is also available to pair with stable coins like Tether, Tether and Bitcoin on the same platform.

DASH to USD Price Analysis:

DSH at the time of writing was trading at $68.92 at 07:49 UTC as on October 7, 2019.

DASH Price Chart

Yesterday, the value was initially seen trading below the baseline at $69.94 at 02:02 UTC. The value escalated tremendously by 2.78% at 12:24 UTC, when the trading value increased to $70.95, which was the highest touch point yesterday.

A drastic drop of 4.37% was then realized by 18:37 UTC when the trading value changed to $67.85. By evening, however, the value escalated again by 2.84% at 21:7 UTC hours seen trading at $69.77. The value from then is slightly dropped by 1.23% as of now.

The value of DASH seems to be trading in the bearish zone as of now and is inclined towards the lower price range, based on the last 30 days price statistics. The short-term movement is predicted to be fluctuating in the same zone for a while.

The resistance and support levels calculated are as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $71.85, R2: $73.15, R3: $74.2

Support Levels:

S1: $69.5, S2: $68.45, S3: $67.15

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