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Dash Price Escalates by 4.5% in the Last 24 Hours


Dash has been recently working on their payment methods. In fact, many of the users are enjoying the Dash payment experience to be easy, efficient, and quite fast.

Yesterday, the Dash price was initially seen trading below the baseline at $70.3655 at 04:48 UTC. The value from then escalated to 5.49% at 15:26 UTC, seen trading at $74.2310. A slight drop of 1.68% was realized at 21:50 UTC when the coin was trading at $72.9971.

Dash coin price was escalated again by 2.60% at 23:04 UTC yesterday, seen trading at $74.8971, which was the highest touchpoint. The value from then is slightly dropped by 1.69% as of now.

Dash Price Chart

Dash Price Prediction:

If we look at the price movement of Dash today, it is currently trading with upside momentum. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to invest in DASH, this might be a good time to ‘buy’ the currency as of now. Considering the price trend of Dash in the past month, the price might show dips in the coming few days or a week. However, intra-day trading might aid considerable returns.

The resistance and support levels are calculated as below:

R1: $75.54, R2: $76.97 and R3: $79.33

S1: $71.75, S2: $69.39 and S3: $67.96

To conclude, Dash might be one of the ideal altcoins to invest in as of now. If you are willing to invest, the above-calculated levels will be helpful to you to avoid losses.

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