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Dash Price Escalated by 10% From the Lowest Point seen in the Last 10 Days


Electropay, which is a Cryptocurrency merchant solution, is going to debut on Shark Tank Brazil in order to showcase integration and point of sale with Dash Pay. Electropay has tweeted in this regard,

DASH to USD Price Analysis

The value of DASH is seen trading at $73.26 at 05:41 UTC time on October 8, 2019.

Dash Price

Considering the fluctuations from the last ten days, the value was initially seen trading at $66.69 on September 30 at 06:30 UTC, which was the lowest price point seen in recent days. The value escalated from there by 8.68% at 03:30 UTC on October 1 as it traded to $72.47. The descent of 6.18% in the value was then realized on October 3 at 14:50 UTC where the value was seen trading at $67.98.

By October 6 at 12:30 UTC, the value surged in the upward motion by 4.33%. A slight drop of 4.10% was then realized on October 6 at 18:30 UTC when the devaluation took the coin to $68.03. Then, the value escalated by 7.68%.

Dash Price Prediction

Based on the last 30 days statistics, DASH seems to be tracing a strong bearish trend as of now. However, the intra-day trade shows peaks points that might serve little returns on a daily basis.

The long-term movement, however, might support the escalation from the current value. If the valuation moves as predicted, traders might be celebrating amazing returns on their portfolio.

The resistance support level is calculated as:

R3: 75.82

R2: 74.01

R1: 72.74

Pivot Point: 70.93

S1: 69.66

S2: 67.85

S3: 66.58

To conclude, the short-term prognosis is predicted to devaluate a little more considering the current fluctuations. Let’s hope to witness the valuation as predicted.

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