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Dash Price Continues Yesterday’s Downtrend; Recently Jumped Above $50


The crypto market is suffering from a heavy bearish attack. The coins are dealing at a much lower level than expected. The traders who were eyeing for improvement after last week’s price crash, are facing disappointment. The chances of improvement seem postponed.

Dash was spotted touching 52-week low at $48.49 in last week’s price movement. Today, the coin is dealing at around $50. Let’s have a look at the intraday chart of Dash.

DASH/USD Price Chart:

Dash Price

Yesterday, Dash was spotted at $51.7. The price escalated to $52.14 by 0.81% before the coin slipped to $51.2 by 1.72%. Initially, the currency remained locked around $51.2 and then, the price slipped to $50.8. The currency escalated to $52.14 by 1.09%. Dash slipped to $51.5 by 1.23%. The currency slipped to $51.16 from $51.90 by 1.39%. The intraday movement of Dash brought a regression of 2.61%. Today, Dash started with a heavy drop in the price, the currency moved from $51.16 to $49.82 by 2.59%. Dash remained at the same level. Later, the coin escalated to $50.5 from $49.46.

Dash Price Prediction:

Dash is presently dealing at $50.5. The currency has already dropped below the next support level $50.05, but again bounced back and is now below the immediate support level at $50.80. If the improvement remained intact, then the coin would find immediate resistance around $52.33. Here, the resistance and support level chart is given below.

Resistance LevelPrice
Support LevelPrice

Dash is recommended for long term traders. The short term investment might turn out to be chancy for the investors, hence we wouldn’t vote for the same.

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