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Dash Price Analysis: Will Bears Continue To Rip Apart Dash Price?

  • Dash price has been moving below the baseline for the past one month due to the strong bear sentiment in the crypto market

Dash is a very fast and instant cryptocurrency when concerned with its usage and fees as well. With the bears continuing their onslaught in the crypto market, the price of DASH has had a pale time and is constantly below the baseline for the past month as seen from the one-month price chart. The price has been moving in the range of $80 – $105.

Dash Coin Price Statistics:

As on Sep 12, 2019, at 04:50 UTC, current statistics are as below:

  • The current market price of DASH is $81.8791 (at the time of penning down), holding a market cap of around $744,560,586
  • 24 h volume is at $177,945,792 with a circulating supply of 9,034,048 DASH
  • ROI is at a > 9000 %

Dash Price Chart

DASH to USD Price Comparison:

Dash price has not been performing well as seen from the above one-month price chart due to the continuous bear presence. From a high of $105.4448 on Aug 13, the price fell to $87.3321 on Aug 21 in a time span of 8d 3h 30m to the extent of 17.18%.

The price tried to recover on Aug 23 within 1d 18h 30m to the tune of 8.51%. Since the bears were getting stronger hold on the market, the price of DASH again fell to $79.7391 on Aug 29 in a matter of 6d 1h 30m to the extent of 15.47%. In 5d 16h on Sep 3, the price went up slightly by 4.56% at $83.2192. However, this was short lived as the price again dipped to $79.9763 on Sep 6 within 2d 21h 30m to the tune of 4.28%. Then on Sep 9 within a time gap of 2d 17h 30m, the price went up by 10.29% at $88.2021. Today, the price has again lowered by 7.17% and is currently trading at $81.8791.

Dash’s Price Prediction:

 Dash gives customers the freedom to move their money easily and as such is very popular with the community. Investors, however, have felt the heat of the bearish trend in the crypto market, as the prices have continually gone down. This trend is expected to be there as long as the bears are ruling the market but analysts expect DASH to get back by the year end and show a bullish turn.


Long-term investors should hold on to their current investments as the coin is not exhibiting a favorable momentum to sell but, the future still holds the potential. Short-term investors may not have much to gain in the current market volatility.

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