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Blockchain Consulting Company BlockchainArmy Spearheads’ Book Reaches 25,000 Copies Demand


Leading blockchain consulting services provider, BlockchainArmy has added another feather in its credit. The book named “Blockchain: A New Model for Economy,” written by the notable leaders of the platform, Erol User and COO Ali Sina User, has achieved a breakthrough of 25,000 copies in demand.

Headquartered in Istanbul and Rotterdam City, Blockchain Consulting Company BlockchainArmy has always been at the forefront in uplifting the blockchain domain through its exceptional working strategy and revolutionary tactics of operation. Erol User and Ali Sina User are well-known personalities who have spent their genius minds in setting their firm as a global icon working for the betterment of the blockchain network through its venture creation and capital advisory services.

Blockchain - A New Model of Economy

According to the reports, the highly-acclaimed book interestingly defines the pedagogy of the innovative use of blockchain technology in an array of complicated domains. A section of the book elaborates on the merits of blockchain technology by stating that the new-age technology is not disruptive, rather it has the potential of building a new congenial ecosystem where the users get the golden opportunity to achieve a perfect balance of old centralized system and the new decentralized system.

Interestingly, blockchain technology hit the financial arena back in 2008 as a distributed ledger to store the data records. This revolutionary technique has evolved a lot since the time of its inception. The three revolutions that occurred in this decentralized arena include:

  • Blockchain 1.0: It was for money transactions, currency, and payments
  • Blockchain 2.0: It involves registration and transfer of contracts as well as verification of the transactions
  • Blockchain 3.0: This version of the technology involves its application in various sectors like financial services, education, healthcare, publishing, science, government, economic revolution, agriculture, military, art, and cultural domain, etc.

The book depicts blockchain technology as a powerful base that is likely to bring wonders in the technological space, by collaborating centralized as well as decentralized business networks. There might be issues in the beginning, but soon it will turn out to be a pathbreaker. It also shows the potential possibilities, which are likely to happen when old and new technologies collide in the harmonious ecosystem. This technology can work as a booster to the old pedagogies rather than destroying them.

The blockchain network offers transparency, efficiency, reliability, and more security of the operations. BlockchainArmy is undoubtedly making its strong presence felt in the decentralized sphere.

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