Bitcoin Revolution Review 2020


Ever since the inauguration of Bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, trades in Bitcoin (BTC) has become one of the primary sources of income and a great investment opportunity for many investors. Earlier people could make profits without much hard work from cryptocurrency trades by the specialists without scam who were accustomed to the trading tool for manual trade with crypto. But now things are changing rapidly as a lot of cryptocurrency trading robots with artificial intelligence capable of generating massive income on behalf of investors are taking over the crypto industry. Many people are getting swayed over by crypto robots including binary option robots and Bitcoin futures that are gaining tremendous popularity. Here, we give you an in-depth review of crypto robot Bitcoin Revolution by looking at how this crypto bot works & more information and the various reviews given by many people about the performance of Bitcoin bots like this one. Stay tuned to witness the verdict regarding the question: Is Bitcoin Revolution serious or not about its trading ecosystem?

A lot of autonomous crypto trading stations like the Bitcoin Revolution are widely gaining popularity as they can be used by less experienced investors who do not possess the required skills to efficiently and manually trade crypto & investment. These algorithmic trading systems allow the user to try their hand at trading by using an account in demo mode amidst the different trading choices available. Users just make a min deposit as it is work on behalf of the investor, before producing thousands of dollars per day for its people.

First, you need to check that the broker that you connected applies all rules and regulations of your country and is regulated in your country’s jurisdictions or not & financial contracts are different throughout the world, and you need to make sure you properly observe any regulation in your country of residence. Although there are a lot of crypto trading systems in the market today which claim very high success rates, the Bitcoin Revolution claims a respectable high success rate of 88% as per trading robot rating done regularly.

Bitcoin Revolution Reviews
Bitcoin Revolution Review – Overview of Bitcoin Revolution

In Bitcoin Revolution there is a state-of-the-art website designed and developed keeping newcomers as well as specialists in mind. To profitably trade by making vital judgments on the volatile prices of Bitcoin (BTC), the purposefully designed advanced trading system analyzes the cryptocurrency market trends and predicts the right time to buy or sell Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin is subject to high volatility; while on one hand Bitcoin price has achieved tremendous heights, on the other, the cryptocurrency world has seen Bitcoin crash exponentially as well. The coronavirus pandemic has also left its strong impact on markets and economies collapsing substantially.

Further, a lot of so-called Bitcoin robots are also capable of placing trades for all people automatically by reducing the time of people to work with the help of a top-notch trading system. Expert market analysts at this software claim that the auto trade system performance is approximately 0.01 seconds faster than the cryptocurrency robots that are used by different stations, which increases the money profit probability to a great extent without scam.

How Trustworthy is the Bitcoin Revolution?

One of the primary objectives of a cryptocurrency investor is to make a respectable amount of earnings after each investment in a trading session. Investors are persistently looking for the best trade station to have a competitive superiority over robots without scam in the cryptocurrency field. Bitcoin Revolution software is an automated cryptocurrency trading exchange that is precisely crafted to efficiently trade Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monero & Dash. The process of trading cryptocurrencies can be done through a euro deposit or dollar deposit.

The software has been created from scratch by the expert software engineers and cryptocurrency brokers. It includes the use of numerous unique trading algorithms that analyze the crypto market trends to search for the best investment opportunities from the best trading algorithm without any scam. The algorithm’s accuracy is worth trying out. The advanced computer program manages this by comparing trade history and relating logical and fundamentals prerequisites of the prevailing settings. The cryptocurrency robot is able to customize trade parameters before every trade session. People can also set the app into manual mode, which allows them to put the live account mode on and fully control trade activities without scam. New users can opt for trading in the demo mode instead of risking their money at first go. It guarantees a huge triumph rate of over 97% without any scam and also claims the software to be 0.01 seconds faster compared to other trade bots available for crypto-trading.

Bitcoin Revolution Review: Key Points
Bitcoin Revolution Review – Earn more with Bitcoin Revolution

We bring a team of expert analysts who understand that it becomes very important for an investor to make the best choice regarding auto trading robots without falling for any false investment scheme or scam platforms. In-depth research has been conscientiously carried out by our analysts to study Bitcoin robots like Bitcoin Revolution, and our findings couldn’t have been more reasonable. In Bitcoin Revolution there are many unique features that certify the system to be legitimate and an investor’s first choice. A comprehensive unbiased robot review is composed to help bibliophiles make up-to-date choices.

The key features of the Bitcoin Revolution robot that proves its legitimacy and our unbiased deductions are as follows:

  • Payouts: It is a system that ensures its people consistently gain throughout the trading session; their official website claims that an average user can earn $1300 per day. Also, the real money that you earned will be credited to your bank account easily as their cash withdrawal process will be done in 24 hours without commission. This is a key trading feature. Many experts at this software state a respectable win rate of 88% and further boasts of the software being a split second ahead of the data.

  • Exceptional services provided by the customer support team: There are trading tools for experienced investors while making their investment which helps to mitigate risks while trading in the crypto market. The intelligent trading platform has 24/7 specialist brokers as customer care service executives for assistance with a live chat & email. The customer support is very prompt and has won great appreciation from users.

  • Cost/Fees: $250 deposit amount is recommended by the Bitcoin Revolution app, which is a great option for those who are craving to try out the software for the first time as their charges are less & no broker fees. Another vital trading feature of the robot.

  • Withdraw/Deposits: The withdrawal policy is also formulated keeping the users’ benefits in mind. It processes a withdrawal request in less than 24 hours, as well as numerous deposit options (like a Credit card, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express, Neteller) are also featured which reflect Bitcoin Revolution’s attempts to fulfill customer needs with no broker fees.

Features of Bitcoin Revolution Reviews
Bitcoin Revolution Review – Features of Bitcoin Revolution
  • Registration: Getting registered in the Bitcoin Revolution auto trader is extremely easy by adding their basic user information like name, email address & phone number. You can start trading in real time mode and access this trading bot in just a few minutes after getting registered with your name, email address, and phone number. Once this is done, you can deposit funds. To deposit funds users need to confirm certain details regarding the card they are using along with the card verification code. A user can view his live trading activities and operations console by clicking the “Open Transactions” tab. Through the Trading History tab, an important trading tool, Bitcoin traders can view the list of all past transactions.

  • Computerized Robots: The creators of Bitcoin robots like Bitcoin Revolution are experienced brokers, skilled in the crypto trade process. The platform was created in 2018 keeping beginners as well as experienced crypto traders in mind. The computerized program popularly known as robots are comparatively the finest in the crypto market and are class-leading in terms of win rate. Bitcoin Revolution robot delivers as per the success rates it claims, unlike other trading bots which claim but are not able to live up to their promises.

  • User testimonial: In the due course of time the Bitcoin Revolution is the most popular robot in the cryptocurrency markets for its extremely easy-to-use user interface, which is the key reason for its popularity among newbies. The Bitcoin Revolution website swanks reviews from many people stating that their customers have been successfully making real money from the software, since their initiation.

  • Reliable Earnings: Bitcoin Revolution assures that all kinds of traders can make profits, be it skilled or beginner. Although cryptocurrency trading always carries risk and there cannot be an assurance of money profit, with the Bitcoin Revolution, the probability of winning is highest and the risks of losing money are minimal.

  • Back-testing: Bitcoin Revolution app comes loaded with a unique back-testing feature, which permits people to experiment with the trade setting on historical market conditions, which enables investors to completely optimize trade settings and adjust rules accordingly.

How to Create a Trading Account on Bitcoin Revolution?

Step 1- Registration of a trading account:

The registration page of the platform can be accessed online from any web browser on an android or iOS smartphone or a personal computer. One does not need advanced technical expertise to let the robot run, basic computer specifications are fine. Users need to fill a registration form and particulars on the registration form must be delivered to start & access cryptocurrency trading. It is advisable to always start small.

The system requires basic information details of the person like full name, email address, contact number & secure password data to open a new account. No other personal information like bank statements, bank account details, bank transfer and payment details, utility bills, transaction history, or debit card/credit card number is required to be shared. They receive an auto-generated receipt from the system confirming details of the new account and broker affiliation with the account, after opening a brand new account. Bitcoin Revolution channels funds through online brokers.

In case you are unable to let the software run and start trading on the platform, feel free to get in touch with the customer support service team who are available over a phone call or live chat.

Step 2- Making the first payment for trading 

Bitcoin Revolution supports several preferences, making it stress-free for customers from around the globe to get Bitcoin Revolution accounts and start earning. Payment methods such as Credit card, Debit card, Visa, PayPal, are included in the application for supremely smooth user experience. As online safety is an essential factor, all transactions on the Bitcoin Revolution are secured by SSL; which encrypts all data and communication on the crypto bot.

Open account with Bitcoin Revolution
Bitcoin Revolution Review – Open account with Bitcoin Revolution

One of the impressive features of this trading strategy is the computerized demo trading account of Bitcoin Revolution, which allows less experienced investors to try automatic trade bots through a demo account without using real currency. The demo account feature is included for people to understand how to use auto trading robots and monitor signals to identify the best money making prospects & to start the auto-trading mode you just need to choose one of the trading signals or trading strategies and click the auto trade button on to start auto trade.

Step 3- Live trading

Once funds are added, the user can go to the trading room to start trading in real time mode with their live account. Once the trader has picked any crypto and triggered the stop-loss feature, it avoids the intelligent systems from fund transfers when the prices are negative & thereby avert any loss. The control panel of the crypto trading robots like Bitcoin Revolution also allows people to set up all the details about the trading robot along with its demo operation and live functioning for making guaranteed huge profits while assuring investor protection.

Comparing Bitcoin Revolution With Other Trading Robots:


Bitcoin RevolutionOther Cryptocurrency Trading Robots

It provides a practice account to become accustomed to the trading platform before investing real money and starting off with a live account. Users can simply click on the auto-trade button to activate the automated trading option.

Investors are tricked to invest from the very beginning, without allowing the users to try the platform first.

As per trading robot rating done regularly, it has a verified high success rate between 88%-99% makes it an interesting trading platform without scam.

Most trading systems are doing scam that performs ineffective trades while falsely claiming a high profit margin.

$250 deposit amount is recommended. It is the min deposit needed to initiate the trade process.

Users are persuaded to invest a large amount, in assurances of higher rewards.

Easy and simple registration process, which requires a few minutes to sign up and can be done by providing basic personal user information like name, email address, and phone number.

Long registration process includes sharing a lot of other personal information besides the name, email address, and phone number with unnecessary forms which becomes a bit clunky and non-user friendly.

Withdrawing and deposits are processed in under 24 hours without charging any commission.

Numerous fraudulent crypto bots are specially designed to steal money from users.

Withdrawing and deposits are processed in under 24 hours without charging any commission.

Numerous fraudulent crypto bots are specially designed to steal money from users.

Bitcoin Revolution uses trading industry-grade online security protocol to safeguard all the transactions

No such claims are made by other online cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The verification system of this platform is simplified to make the process quick and easy and does not include unnecessary documents.

Long verification process which includes filling unnecessary forms, and involves tiresome waiting time giving users the ultimate test of their patience.

Demo trading feature which allows cryptocurrency traders to trade with a demo account and without real money. This demo trading feature is very useful for new traders as it assures investor protection.

No demo account feature. This carries risk for new cryptocurrency traders.

Can a User Make Serious Money Using the Bitcoin Revolution?

Specialists, as well as common users in the cryptocurrency market, sometimes doubt and assume that the Bitcoin Revolution is also a scam, like numerous other scams crypto-stations embracing Bitcoin and cryptos. Nevertheless, our investigation of the official website revealed user testimonials from all across the globe who speak very highly about the platform. They further claim that they’ve made substantial amounts of profit on the platform and there is no Bitcoin Revolution scam. It is legit, transparent and one of the most reliable trade exchanges available in the crypto market without scams.

Bitcoin Revolution Software
Bitcoin Revolution Software

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are high-risk high gain assets of the cryptocurrency market. There are lots of trading secrets shared by investors to gain big. The humongous profit from the crypto assets is the key reason for its attractive reputation; however, it is important to understand that the cost of Bitcoin and other crypto coins are highly volatile, and it is always recommended to research and analyze the market before investing and only invest with due diligence. Smart trade devices like the Bitcoin Revolution come with a long list of features that can straight-away help new as well as experienced investors.

Specialists at the Bitcoin Revolution share some key points below on how to make the most of Bitcoin Revolution

  • Starting with a small amount: Specialists at the Bitcoin Revolution recommend investors to first get accustomed to the trading room of the crypto trading platform before investing a huge amount of money. Bitcoin Revolution recommends users to start trading with a bare minimum deposit of $250 to start making profitable trades.
  • Withdrawing profits: One of the key tips and tricks provided by the platform is investment advice for investors to reinvest the money profits as well as withdraw from the money profit promptly. The withdrawal system is very swift.

  • Imbibing recommended tips: Bitcoin Revolution provides free complimentary tutorials, webinars, videos and courses to provide a rich experience of trade Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos like Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monero & Dash.

  • Investing amounts one can afford to lose: Although the Bitcoin Revolution boasts a high win rate. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and carries risk. Experts at the Bitcoin Revolution recommend users to always analyze and research the market before investing an amount which one can afford to lose.

  • Efficiently using in-house brokers: The Bitcoin Revolution platform processes all the transactions via skilled human brokers who are not only very effective but also play a vital role in gaining profit after every trade session. There is no Bitcoin Revolution scam reported so far.

Why Does the Bitcoin Revolution Not Have a Mobile App?

As attempts were made to analyze this platform’s mobile app and provide a reliable app review, it was discovered that this crypto trade exchange does not provide any Android or iOs apps like most of the consistent trade bots in the markets, the software can be used on a browser which means investors can access it by smartphones with an internet connection. Experts in the cryptocurrency market strongly believe that even though Android and iOS smartphones of the present time come equipped with Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) they are still not in any means immune to sophisticated cyber attacks.

Cyber miscreants can inject malware which can cripple the critical component of a smartphone’s crypto wallet and may create a fake transaction that results in funds getting swapped to the attacker’s account in no time. So reliable cryptocurrency trade exchanges like the Bitcoin Revolution firmly recommend the use of a specialized crypto wallet and still do not trust the use of smartphones for crypto trade.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bitcoin Revolution


24/7 active customer service team available on their site. The customer service team can be contacted through a live chat & email to aid everyone whenever required.

No Android or iOS apps are currently available for trading in a mobile device. It cannot be considered as a con since many such reliable systems do not recommend trading apps concerning security reasons.

A demo account trading mode is provided to smoothly learn trading skills.

Free registration with no hidden costs.

Extremely user-friendly interface for beginners as well as expert users

Good user testimonial on their official site as well as respectable user reviews in the crypto community.

Verified performance rate between 88%-99%.

Accepts a variety of payments option (Credit cards/ Debit cards, Discover Network, Neteller and American Express)

The Bitcoin Revolution software is completely free to download, and you can withdraw and deposit any amount of money for free without any commission.

Trading History tab on the website helps cryptocurrency traders view the list of all past transactions.

Has the Bitcoin Revolution Been Endorsed by Celebrities?

Bitcoin Revolution is known for its novel and innovative layouts which has pinched the attention of numerous significant websites like “The Mirror” and “Reddit” also known as the front end of the internet, which features many tech-savvy topics like cryptocurrencies, trading bots, etc. This platform was also said to have featured in British news daily “Daily Mirror,” but that was just a strategy to attract more web traffic and social media milestones.

Bitcoin Revolution has been said to appear on the Daily Mirror, a UK newspaper, and in articles where people make riches by starting out with an initial investment

In early 2017, during the crypto market boom, there were rumors of cryptocurrency trading platforms like Bitcoin Revolution appearing on TV shows, and getting celebrity endorsements through the TV show. Australian TV celebrity David Koch was also wrongly linked to some such platforms.

But despite the rumors, the Bitcoin exchange has never been featured on any TV show like This Morning, Dragon’s Den, and Shark Tank and neither has it been endorsed by celebrities of TV shows. However, the crypto buzz in the gossip blogs, news sites, and the investment market has attracted many celebrities who are interested in investing in the crypto market, particularly in trading Bitcoins. Nevertheless, this inclination has been incorrectly used by some online vendors. The cast of Dragon’s Den had previously clarified this. Even American business magnate Bill Gates has been part of these false endorsement claims by such platforms. He was falsely claimed to have recommended this platform.

Here are the following cases we found:

Richard Branson

The first case is about Virgin media tycoon and founder of Virgin Galactic Richard Branson. It has been confirmed that he is not affiliated with the Bitcoin Revolution in any way, but has also revealed his support for the Bitcoin and crypto market. He even expressed his belief that Bitcoin can help fund his space projects.

Elon Musk

There were claims circulating over the internet that Tesla CEO Elon Musk backed Bitcoin trading activities, especially with Bitcoin Revolution. But these claims could not be verified.

Jamie Oliver

Many gossip blogs insinuated TV presenter Jamie Oliver as one of the top profit makers in the cryptocurrency markets, but the rumors are not true. Jamie Oliver has not confirmed any news related to trading Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Peter Lim

Another notable celebrity Peter Lim was said to support Bitcoin trading activities and recommend this platform, but there is no proof for this. It was the strategy of a phishing affiliate site to attract more customers.

Davide Tucci

Few other gossip sites said that Davide Tucci was one of the users of Bitcoin trading bots. However, our background check no association between him and Bitcoin Revolution in any way as suggested by fake news propagators.

Andrew Forrest

Prominent Australian entrepreneur and CEO of Fortescue Metals Andrew Forrest has neither invested nor recommended cryptocurrency trading activities to others. He has been falsely linked to Bitcoin robots.

Sir Peter Jones

Reality TV star Sir Peter Jones clarified in a tweet via social media platform Twitter that he has no alliance with cryptocurrency or other automated trading robots. Some phishing site claimed that the mega-entrepreneur and celebrity recommended Bitcoin Revolution and this news was widely promoted on social media like Facebook.

Charlie Brake

TV actor Charlie Brake whose claim to fame was the show “Love Island,” has been falsely linked to Bitcoin bots like Bitcoin Revolution. The Charlie family continues the legacy of the well-known food distribution company Brakes, started by Charlie’s grandfather.

Truth is, however, that Charlie’s family had their fortune made from his grandfather’s company called Brakes, which is a big company in food distribution.

Gordon Ramsay

Famous British television personality, chef, and restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay is not involved in any kind of trading and does not endorse this platform. Some news websites claim so without any proof.

Nicole Kidman

Australian actress Nicole Kidman was also claimed to have endorsed this platform. But our investigation found no association between her and the platform.

Jeremy Clarkson

Well known journalist, celebrity, and writer Mr. Jeremy Clarkson is rumored to have invested in the Bitcoin Revolution. However, our research revealed the claims to be nothing but a false gossip blog. Jeremy Clarkson has never confirmed any association of his name with the Bitcoin Revolution.

Martin Lewis

The last case is about TV star presenter Martin Lewis. It has been falsely advertised that he endorses the crypto trading robot Bitcoin Revolution. However, Lewis confirmed in a blog post site that he has nothing to do with this crypto bot and went further to state the fact that he never uses his face to promote any company in financial markets.

Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby

Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Revolution endorsement was complete misinformation. They were TV presenters of the popular TV show “This Morning.” News spread that they endorsed the robot crypto platform on their show.

Jet Li

Actor Jet Li rose into fame with being a part of the Hollywood fighting scene. Gossip mongers were talking about him investing in alternative assets such as crypto currency. Later, this information was found to be false.

Jim Davidson

Claims were made that British stand-up comedian Jim Davidson also recommended this platform. These claims were however found to be a marketing strategy to lure investors.

Ant McPartlin

British actor, television presenter, and musician Ant McPartlin was reported to have invested in this platform. This was later found to be a part of mere affiliate marketing schemes to attract more clients. There was no correlation between Ant Mcpartlin and Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution Conclusion

After a detailed overview and in-depth testing on the Bitcoin Revolution website, our specialist discovered many crucial aspects of the cryptos. We closely analyzed claims and negative reviews of Bitcoin Revolution made by users and made the verdict that their negative experiences with automated trading bots are not completely fair. In many such incidents, their expectation was not achieved for which they went ahead to spread negative reviews about automated trading robots.

Crypto trade always carries risk with them, but on the other hand, it chunks out huge profits also, hence we firmly recommend our readers to investigate to ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of this crypto bot and to always understand basic principles. It is further recommended to use the minimum possible investment to be on the safer side and make your investment work appropriately.

A professional trader with an efficient crypto trading robot like Bitcoin Revolution has tremendous profit potential. There is no scam related to it so far. This is why crypto bots like Bitcoin Revolution are wholeheartedly recommended by our experts because it has been researched, and substantiated by not only our in-house analysts but also many professionals while assuring lifetime gain.

1. Is Bitcoin Revolution legit?

Ans: Bitcoin Revolution is the most renowned cryptocurrency trading exchange. There is fake news, rumors & videos about it being a scam, due to the fall of the crypto sector in 2018 but from our testing and in-depth market analysis, we can confirm that this trading bot is legit.

2. What is the minimum amount required for a trading account in the Bitcoin Revolution?

Ans: Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading software but for live trading, a minimum deposit of $250 is required.

3. Is the Bitcoin Revolution backed by any of the celebrities?

Ans: There are numerous crypto bots in the cryptocurrency industry which state to have support from celebrity endorsement, but they all at some point turn out to be fake. Kate Winslet filed a lawsuit against Bitcoin scammers for using her image to advertise Bitcoin asset.

4. Is there a mobile app for the Bitcoin Revolution?

Ans: No, like many other legit cryptocurrency trading platforms, the Bitcoin Revolution does not provide any trading apps for automated trading due to security reasons.

5. How do I select a broker in the Bitcoin Revolution?

Ans: During the initial registration process the smart user interface of Bitcoin Revolution will automatically guide you to a specified broker. Cryptocurrency trading carries risk, so this is done to minimize any risk involved with automated trading software. Before users shortlist the broker, seeking an expert’s advice on this can be a good option.

6. Is Bitcoin savings required to trade on the Bitcoin Revolution?

Ans: No, it is not a requirement to have Bitcoin savings to start trading in the Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution













  • Bitcoin Revolution reported a high success rate of 88 -95%.
  • The minimum deposit of $250 is recommended to experience trading live
  • Fast Withdrawal system; requests are processed within 24 hours.
  • The registration is simple and easy which makes the platform user friendly.
  • Offers demo trading account. Bitcoin traders can try their hand by setting up a demo account.


  • No mobile application is available