Bitcoin Circuit Review 2020


Bitcoin Circuit has been making ripples of achievements one after another in the recent past. It caught many people’s attention. But instead of just believing everything straight up, we decided to test all the claims to get to the core truth. There are many such automated trading software out there, but why is the Bitcoin Circuit outshining? Is it a scam or legit? Is Bitcoin Circuit’s high win rate a rumor or a fact? How does one start earning through this automated trading software, and how does the Bitcoin Circuit scam-free website work? We have addressed all these questions and many more in our 2020 in-depth Bitcoin Circuit review. We are confident that by the end of this step by step guide, all your questions will be answered satisfactorily. So, why wait anymore, let’s get started!

Bitcoin Circuit Review – Auto Trading Platform
Bitcoin Circuit Review – Auto Trading Platform

What is the Bitcoin Circuit?

First thing, first! Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this auto trading software, let’s understand what Bitcoin Circuit is to get a better grip on the topic. Well, it is a trading robot that deals in the Bitcoin (BTC) market. It was developed by a software engineer and an adept crypto trader.

It makes use of a fully automated trading software that opens this Bitcoin trading app to both a beginner as well as an expert trader regardless of their experience and knowledge. When we tested and researched about Bitcoin Circuit, we found out that it is a high-risk auto trading platform, and is also famous for high returns. Also, this trading software offers margin trade, which allows large positions with very small capital. The brokers offer leverage of 1:100 to 1:500. For instance, you can simply estimate based on this leverage that a small deposit of 250 U.S. Dollars can put a trade of about 125,000 U.S. Dollars. In fact, it satiates all the exchange requirements of traders.

Here is a screenshot from the official website to give you an introduction to this automated trading platform:

Bitcoin Circuit Reviews – What is the Bitcoin Circuit?
Bitcoin Circuit Reviews – What is the Bitcoin Circuit?

High leverage is both exciting as it can bring in big profits in no time, yet at the same time, it can also mean deep losses when a trade does not go as per the plan. Bitcoin Circuit, to curb this issue, claims that based on their high accuracy of 90 percent, the chances of risk are minimum, as compared to other trading robots. We will find out more about the success rate, the accuracy and the performance of Bitcoin Circuit scam-free trading software in greater detail in this review.

Is Bitcoin Circuit Scam-free? Is it a Legit auto trading platform?

This is an important question to answer before we proceed to learn more features about the Bitcoin Circuit scam-free platform which is one of the most innovative trading robots. Our in-depth research has revealed that indeed this Bitcoin trading app is a legitimate auto trading platform. The kind of attention it gives to its users, the services of this platform are free to use, and the automatic crypto trading is all a big sign of it being a legitimate platform. It also has the provision of demo trading. Users can open a demo trading account before indulging in live trading. A live trading session at this auto trading platform is fairly safe and secure, but still given it has the leveraged trading option, so it is always wise to trade based on risk capacity. The deposit methods are very customer friendly. Users can go with the initial deposit of 250 U.S. Dollars, and then as the profit grows, expand your trading risk-taking capacity.

Here is a screenshot from the official website to show you the promise of quality services it makes to offer to all its users:

Bitcoin Circuit Review – Is it a Legit?
Bitcoin Circuit Review – Is it a Legit?

Benefits of using Bitcoin Circuit:

The innovative automated trading software of Bitcoin Circuit is designed to offer high-frequency trading. The smart software makes use of advanced algorithms that screen global trading markets, give out the perfect insights on the latest crypto market conditions, tap the volatile nature of the market conditions to help users earn a lot of money, suggest the best selling and buying routes, and so on. Other benefits of using it are:

  • The usage of crypto robot trading is naturally far more efficient as it assesses the crypto market trading conditions on a 24/7 basis, which is not humanly possible in the long run.

  • Also, the precision of trading insights is also something that gets hampered due to human emotions otherwise. In short, they give the appropriate investment advice.

  • The lightning-fast speed with high levels of accuracy offered by the trading robots is another thing manual trading can’t achieve.

  • Trading robots are so efficient that they instantly read the latest trading signals and make prompt decisions, even before the market events could react. Such efficiency only results in greater returns on trading. Crypto traders can, therefore, rely on their investment advice.

  • Emotion free trading

  • Incredible productivity proportion

  • Automatically places trades

The trading app is very user-friendly and efficient. The presence of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning offer a drastic improvement in the quality of the live trading session, other related decisions, precision, and the astounding trading speed offers huge benefits and trade growth. The monitoring of the price movement as per the cryptocurrency market conditions, with the help of the Bitcoin Circuit robot, has become exceptionally efficient, which leads to smart and intelligent buying and selling decisions. And the benefit of insightful trading strategies that bring in maximum money for the users can’t be denied!

On the other hand, it has many other advanced benefits as compared to other trading apps:

~ Bitcoin Circuit Robot’s advanced algorithm: It is one of the best auto trading systems which offers an exceptional live trading session. Owing to its use of AI and machine learning, the trading platform is known for offering the fastest and highly efficient trading robots in the entire crypto sphere. The live trading system algorithm is a fine mix of high performance, which are finely guided by the personal trading preferences and investment and risk capacity of the trader. Being one of the best trading systems, it does all the hard work for the trader on her or his behalf and requires very little monitoring from time to time. It reads the prevalent trading signals and updates the trader accordingly. In a way, it fulfills all the exchange requirements of a trader.

Here is a screenshot from the official website to give you information about all the exciting trading possibilities that help you earn big money with the Bitcoin Circuit trading app.

Bitcoin Circuit Reviews – Advanced Algorithm of the Platform
Bitcoin Circuit Reviews – Advanced Algorithm of the Platform

~ Margin Trading and Leverage Trading at Bitcoin Circuit: It offers margin trading to its users where she or he can borrow funds from the trading platform in order to use it for trading. The leverage which one can get here is 1:100 and 1:500. (Please note that this leverage is offered by the partner brokers)

Leverage trading is a very exciting trading route as it has the potential to bring in astonishing gains. But at the same time, the pendulum of potential moves on both sides. The trader is also at risk of equally astonishing losses if the trade does not go as planned. That is why the special emphasis is always given to safe trading, calculated risk, and in-tune investment based on one’s investment capacity. In addition, in leverage trading, two things are of great benefit. They are:

  • Stop loss tool

  • Take profit tool

These tools help in regulating the leverage trading and save a trader from any major trading blunders. These top-notch trading tools ensure investor protection while keeping track of the latest trading signals.

But overall, with the high precision of the trading robot, the leverage trading is greatly accurate and safe in comparison to many other trading apps running in the cryptocurrency market. The risk-on this trading system is minimal as the accuracy level of the trading robot is reported to be 90 percent. Still, with all the brilliant features, the basic safety advice is always suggested to be adhered, as the market is more volatile and fluctuating than one could ever estimate. It can always sometimes surprise a trader with a substantial amount of money and sometimes might result in big losses, regardless of the trading experience one holds. Therefore, traders are advised to trade with due diligence and have a judicious trading approach.

~ Defence against emotional trading: Anywhere a human is involved, emotions are assumed to be involved naturally. In their attempt to make money, users often let their emotions overpower their reasoning. This affects trading too and results in emotional trading, personal bias trading, excitement or fear trading-freeze, human-error in trading decisions and dealings, etc. All of this is prevented with the help of this trading robot which offers:

  • High-frequency trading that is backed by big data analysis on assets and market price movement
  • High-speed and highly accurate trading
  • Read all information through the latest market news and market analysis
  • Take positions before markets
  • Bitcoin Circuit’s easy to use layout: No doubt this is a highly useful and efficient trading system. But along with all the high performance-driven features, it is an easy to use trading system. This makes it a personal favorite of both the expert crypto traders and the new users. Right from opening a trading account, depositing funds, and starting the live auto trading, it is very easy to understand and use.

  • Excellent passive income option: It offers the auto-trading option, which is, therefore, an easy way for anybody regardless of their experience to start trading in the crypto industry and earn good money with Bitcoin Circuit trading robot. Even those who are not very active in the crypto trading sphere and thrive towards making money can still have some passive income coming in from time to time. But beware of scam crypto robots hovering in the market; they can rob you of the money you are thinking of investing in the crypto industry.

    The auto trading system of this crypto robot works on a 24/7 basis, and for such an active stage, only an auto-trade robot fits the bill. The robots can bank on the volatile nature of the market, which is so darn difficult to achieve through human effort. In addition to this, it is faster than competitor trading apps. Our research found out that it is 0.4 seconds faster than other trading robots. This seemingly small amount of time can keep a user ahead of other trading systems.

  • The 90 Percent Win Rate:

    As per information from various testimonials and market test results, we have found out that this trading platform offers a 90 percent win rate to its users. The traders have reported that they have made profits of approximately 500 U.S Dollars every 24 hours with a deposit of 250 U.S Dollars. They are today among some of the known Bitcoin millionaires. On average, the users of this trading system get a daily profit of 7 percent. On the other hand, if we look at the leverage trading profit average, there are claims that the 250 U.S. Dollars account has the potential of making 1000 U.S. Dollars on a 24 hours basis. This has become possible due to the high leverage options provided by Bitcoin Circuit trading app. Leveraged trading is simply more profitable with the rise in the amount invested in the trading.

Here is a screenshot from the official website to show you how various traders have achieved impressive profits from this trading robot and have become Bitcoin millionaires:

Bitcoin Circuit Review – User Testimonial
Bitcoin Circuit Review – User Testimonial

With such a high-profit promise, we would still recommend everyone to stick to the trade fundamentals. For instance, starting with small controllable amounts and then growing stronger with time is advisable. In your efforts to make money, taking well-calculated risks, trying the demo trading feature is vital before jumping into live trading based on excitement. Always keep your risk capacity in mind before indulging in your endeavors to make money.

~ Excellent customer service: While collecting facts and information about the Bitcoin Circuit for this review, we ensured that we cover this section critically, as it makes up a huge part of the entire trading system. It is like the face of the company is important to read customer loyalty. Our in-depth research found out that it offers exceptional customer services to its customers. This reflects the core value of the Bitcoin Circuit and how important a customer is for them. Bitcoin Circuit offers:

  • 24/7 service, which is not a common feature at many leading trading bots.
  • It offers many communication channels for the comfort and ease of its customers. These channels include chat through your email address, live chat with a professional and direct phone conversation.
  • The response timing is also great at Bitcoin Circuit. The customer gets an almost instant prompt response from live chats and phone call options. When it comes to queries sent through your email address, the customer usually gets a reply in a maximum of 24 hours. So, you would have to keep checking your email address regularly after you have raised your concern.
  • The client service of Bitcoin Circuit is friendly and professionally trained in problem-solving and handling customer queries. Please note that the customer support team only responds to trading robot-related concerns and issues when the query is about the trading condition. They direct the customer to the specific broker who can help them. The brokers of Bitcoin Circuit were also found to be highly professional and friendly.

Here is a screenshot from the official Bitcoin Circuit website to show you how easy and straightforward it is to get in contact with this trading platform for any of your trading robot-related query at any time of the day:

Bitcoin Circuit Review – Customer Service
Bitcoin Circuit Review – Customer Service

~ High Transparency: Bitcoin Circuit is found to be a highly open and transparent trading app. It does not hide anything from the traders. All the claims and the information which is stated on the platform are very much verifiable.

The fee structure is very transparent, too, on this platform. Users do not have to worry while making money. Bitcoin Circuit doesn’t charge any fee towards the license fee that other trading apps charge for using their bots. The only amount the trade is asked to deposit is the minimum deposit of 250 U.S. Dollars, which eventually acts as the seed amount for future trading by the trader. When a trader makes any profit, the trading app takes a very nominal amount of commission on the profits. The Bitcoin Circuit app claims that a trader can generate 5000 U.S. Dollars per day on its platform. One should understand that this has the maximum potential to help users in making money. This figure can be greatly changed based on the crypto trading conditions, crypto market volatility, price fluctuation, market upward or downward trend, etc., that are prevalent in the day and time of the trade.

  • Bitcoin Circuit offers exceptional cybersecurity: When dealing with the online trading and crypto sphere, cybersecurity is of paramount importance. In this section, we will look at the quality of cybersecurity it offers. Our research found out that this platform offers the utmost care and protection to the user data of its customers. It backs all its users with proper encryption of the data. This helps them to have a strong defense against hacking, online threats like phishing, money laundering, theft, blackmailing, mislead direction of funds, etc.

In today’s time, scam crypto robots often sell users’ data to the third party for earning money. Therefore, we scrutinized the Bitcoin Circuit on this front too. After analyzing in detail, we found out that this trading platform does not share the users’ data with any third party without their consent and prior-notice.

Further, Bitcoin Circuit is also a GDPR compliant trading platform. This is a strong assurance that it follows all the rules and regulations regarding data protection that are set by the European Union (EU).

How does the Bitcoin Circuit work?

This section will look into how you can start trading. Here we will look at the simple steps that you should follow before you start trading on this platform.

Here is a screenshot from the official Bitcoin Circuit website to give a glimpse of what an easy user interface it has and how easy it is to get started on the trading platform:

Bitcoin Circuit Reviews – How it Works?
Bitcoin Circuit Reviews – How it Works?

Registering at Bitcoin Circuit:

Bitcoin Circuit offers a very simple, user-friendly, and easy registration process. Along with having a very simple registration process, it has a very quick trading process too. Usually, it does not take more than 5 minutes to create a trading account. Just follow these steps to register a fresh trading account at Bitcoin Circuit:

1. Registration:

  • Fill the registration form that is available on the Bitcoin Circuit website. Here simple details like- name, phone number, and email address are asked. Users do not need to share other personal details like bank account number, transaction details, bank account credit balance, credit card details, etc.
  • Next, comes the verification of the user’s mobile number and email address. (Please note: In the verification process, sometimes the users are also asked to provide a scanned ID too. This is to safeguard both the platform as well as the user from any illegal issues that may occur in the future.)

2. Deposit:

  • After successful registration, the user is then asked to make a deposit in their newly formed account. The minimum deposit which Bitcoin Circuit asks for is 250 U.S. Dollars. Please note that this amount is not the cost of the crypto robot, but rather it is your seed money for all your trading purposes.
  • Bitcoin Circuit does not charge its users any license fee.
  • The users can deposit the minimum amount into their accounts through any of the following modes Visa/MasterCard credit card, debit card, wire transfer, VLOAD, Bitcoin, and more.

The deposit methods are not lengthy. Usually, it takes less than 2 minutes to get it reflected in the newly formed account.

3. Time to trade:

Usually, a new trader feels nervous at this stage. But here at Bitcoin Circuit, this stage is something everyone looks forward to. The automatic trading bot of the Bitcoin Circuit does the entire trading job for the users from researching the crypto trading conditions to all the trading decisions. All you need to do is to set your preference for the leverage trading, and then to switch the trading ON.

You would be happy to know and would feel more confident to know that Bitcoin Circuit has scored a success rate of 92 percent in all test results and for being the most profitable Bitcoin Trading Bot.

How much money can be made through the Bitcoin Circuit?

This question has a subjective answer. The profit ratio depends on the amount of investment. The possibility of profit-making at this platform is as high as 5000 U.S Dollars on a daily basis. Please note that the amount stated is the potential profit ratio that can be generated. Otherwise, the real figures that came forward, as per profits are concerned, are 1500 U.S Dollars on a daily basis. We performed various tests to check the validity of this claim. In one of the tests, Bitcoin Circuit offered a 150 percent return as profits on the minimum deposit of 250 U.S. Dollars, making the profit to be 125 U.S. Dollars.

Here is a screenshot from the official Bitcoin Circuit website to show you the scope of profits a trader can make on Bitcoin Circuit through its easy and hassle-free user interface.

Bitcoin Circuit Review – Live Trade
Bitcoin Circuit Review – Live Trade

On the other hand, the withdrawal process of profits is also very straightforward and smooth. It does not take very long for funds to get transferred to the receiving account, either.

~ Trading tips to swear by: Before digging in deeper, we feel it is our responsibility to inform you about the basic fundamentals of the trading process that must be observed regardless of how perfect or imperfect a trading robot is. They are:

  • The thumb rule is simple- no matter how attractive an offer may be, never ever trade beyond your risk capacity and loss bearing capacity.
  • The second suggestion is that one should make it a habit to always withdraw their profits from their account as soon as they make them. It is because the crypto trading market is very volatile, and the once perceived profit ratio can lose its worth in a surprisingly low time.
  • When dealing with leverage trading, always make use of stop-loss and take-profit trade control handles. Leveraged trading is indeed very exciting, but it can result in shocking losses in no time if not dealt with care and attention.

Our Verdict:

After grilling all the factors and features related to Bitcoin Circuit, we came to a confident conclusion that whatever Bitcoin Circuit promises, it stands for it. It walks the talk and does not make shallow tall promises. This trading platform is a highly transparent platform, and the information that is found on the website is valid and legit. It gives true updates regarding the cryptocurrency market conditions.

The fact that there is no license fee and that Bitcoin Circuit charges a very small commission on the profit ratio makes this trading bot a very attractive platform. Bitcoin Circuit also claims that its users can make profits as high as 5000 U.S. Dollars as daily profits. This can be achieved by making the best use of patient trading intelligence of playing on profits and using them later on as a fuel for leveraged trading. In addition, the advanced smart algorithm of the trading platform makes the best use of the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market to bring in real money to the users of the Bitcoin Circuit.

Currently, the 24/7 customer helpdesk is not easily funded on a live trading platform. But Bitcoin Circuit offers that service and that too very promptly. Contact points such as Live Chat and direct Phone conversation with the Bitcoin Circuit representative is an instant option to get your queries resolved; whereas, the email option responds within 24 hours. The representative only handles queries related to the trading robot; other trading related queries are often addressed to brokers of the Bitcoin Circuit.

When it comes to security, the platform ticks all the right boxes. It implements strong encryption to prevent hacking attacks and to safeguard any user information stored on the platform. Bitcoin Circuit is also GDPR compliant and doesn’t share user data with third parties without user consent.

Our in-depth research brought forward the idea that Bitcoin Circuit is the good book of many online forums and review websites. The testimonials of many users also support the excellent performance of the trading robot, profit on regular trading, and the satisfaction of the customers. Bitcoin Circuits is a user-friendly, less time-taking, and high profit generating online trading robot. All these features are well appreciated at the various online forums and review websites, revealing our research.

1. Is the Bitcoin Circuit a scam?

Ans: No, Bitcoin Circuit is not at all a scam. It is 100 percent a legit platform. It is an automatic trading platform that is free of cost and charges a very low commission on profit generated. By far, there are no Bitcoin Circuit scam reports that indicate that the software is not legit or trustworthy. Our Bitcoin Circuit review has performed very well in our testing and grilling. It stands true to its promise. With its good performance, it has earned the community trust. Its encrypted trading services offer great security to all its users against threats like online threats like phishing, money laundering, theft, blackmailing, hacking, and so on.

2. What is the minimum deposit at Bitcoin Circuit?

Ans: The minimum deposit with Bitcoin Circuit is $250.

3. How much profit can one make at Bitcoin Circuit?

Ans: Our research says that, on average, a trader at Bitcoin Circuit can make 12 percent profit on a daily basis. The amount varies based on the initial amount invested in the trade and the crypto market conditions at the time of the trade.

4. Can the profit be withdrawn from the Bitcoin Circuit?

Ans: Yes, Bitcoin Circuit allows the traders to withdraw the profits that they make on the platform. The withdrawal can be made at any time the trader wishes. The withdrawal process at Bitcoin Circuit takes less than 24 hours to get reflected in their accounts.

5. Do Richard Branson and Gordon Ramsay endorse Bitcoin Circuit?

Ans: Virgin Group Founder and CEO Richard Branson and British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay have reportedly endorsed Bitcoin Circuit, which, however, was false and merely scam news. After the scam investigation, it was found that these claims were nothing but marketing strategies of affiliate marketers.

Bitcoin Circuit













  • High transparency
  • Demo account option
  • Multiple payment methods to deposit money like credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer, VLOAD etc.
  • Efficient customer service
  • Excellent cybersecurity


  • Not available in all countries