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Bitcoin Gold Prices Takes a Steep Downturn; Trades with a Bearish Outlook


Bitcoin Gold was trading at $10.84 as on September 20, 2019, and had a stable but a bullish price trend then. BTG Price remained to be constant at $10.84 on the next day as well. On September 23, 2019, there was a marginal drop with the price reaching $9.99. There were two sharp falls on September 24, 2019, and the price of Bitcoin Gold reached the lowest trading price of the said time frame at $4.66. However, since yesterday the coin has recovered moderately well, and it seems to have gained back its escalating efficiency now.

Bitcoin Gold Price Analysis:

Bitcoin Gold Price Chart

Bitcoin Gold at present indicates a bullish trend by 64.30% when compared to the lowest dip of the past 6 days, trading at $4.66.

As per the current trend, we recommend selling the existing investment in BTG. The current market condition and the price trend of BTG manifests a bearish appearance after having fallen from $10.8 trading price. Today, the coin is expected to be traded within the range of $7.53 and $7.67. The MACD indicator turns flat at zero but with a bearish outlook as the signal line overpowers the MACD line. BTG has enough potential to attain newer heights and the long-term investment is expected to be fruitful.

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