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Amero-Isatek To Open Eight New Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Mexico


Amero-Isatek Company is bringing a new initiative to crypto users of Mexico, by launching new cryptocurrency exchanges. The cryptocurrency exchange services will be offered to numerous people across Central Mexico and later expanded to various locations of Mexico. This is possible because the company Amero-Isatek is going to launch its first physical crypto exchange station on June 21st, 2019, in Nuevo Leon of Monterrey. The company revealed the news and further said that soon the company would increase the crypto stations to seven different parts of Mexico.

This big move of Amero-Isatek will benefit crypto enthusiast across Mexico. According to the estimation of Amero-Isatek, the firm intends to server more than 800,000 cryptocurrency users of Central Mexico.

Amero-Isatek is also releasing its crypto asset; the launch is set to take place on the Nuevo Leon opening day. The crypto traders need to use the company’s crypto asset to trade through its exchange in Amero.

The physical exchange will initially be launched in Monterrey; later, Amero-Isatek will provide services to other seven states of Mexico, namely, Jalisco, Yucatan, Sinaloa, Queretaro, South Lower California, and Quintana Roo.

Amero-Isatek’s Chief Executive Officer, Alfonso Jimenez informed that in Monterrey there already exists an exchange, GTM crypto exchange and it does not represent the characteristics of a cryptocurrency exchange and fail to offer services of crypto exchange.

He further mentions that Mexico, as of now, does not have a physical exchange and Amero-Isatek, is the first company planning to build it.

Amero-Isatek had taken part in a digital currency real estate exchange due to which the firm was making a lot of headlines and gaining popularity. Through this digital currency real estate exchange, the company manages to acquire around 1,400 hectares within South Lower California; the company paid a huge amount of worth $2.8 million in Amero.

Legal Risks over Fintech Laws:

The rules of Mexico’s fintech laws mentions that under the ‘sandbox’ regulatory scheme, the establishment of new digital currency exchange is allowed to work across physical locations for the fintech based companies. The physical exchange launch of Amero- Isatek is surrounded by nascent fintech laws of Mexico.

Concerning with Mexico’s laws of fintech, Jimenez spoke in an interview that the firm intends to meet the oversea regulations and try to adjust with the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).

The Amero-Isatek will obtain two approved Estonian crypto exchanges, namely, Global XVC and Invest Global to perform based financial activities.

Jimenez added that no matter what the outcome of the Fintech Law is in the country, within the direction of Banxico, the company will be able to function lawfully across the world with financial as a foundation from Estonia.

Jimenez even said that “if the fintech law turns out to be friendly in Mexico as well, we’ll  register as a fintech with financial operations.”

Fintech Laws about cryptocurrencies in Mexico were irregular over the past; despite this blockchain, another leading technology is making its way for new financial technologies in Mexico. The government of Mexico and other companies are certainly keeping a close eye over the blockchain technology.

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